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Enterprise Solutions have become indispensable to functioning of an organisation. Business Intelligence data and analysis hold the key to organis

ational future. Indictrans offers cloud-based, customised, user-friendly and intelligence-inte

nsive enterprise solutions based on ERPNext Platform for small, medium and large organisations to empower them with total business control and 100% operational transparency

ERPNext provides the following functionalities:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Multiple Warehouse Management
  • Point Of Sale (POS)
  • Stocks Management
  • Sales & Purchase
  • Manufacturing
  • Accounts & Finance
  • Human Resources Management (HR)
  • Projects & Tasks Management
  • Services
  • Business Intelligence Dashboard & Reports
  • Android Mobile Applications
  • Integrations with 3rd party software etc.
  • ERPNext Main features:
    • Comprehensive user interface: Enhanced UI was designed to be understandable, productive and easy to use.
    • Organisation: calendar, messaging service, built-in to-do lists and projects, time log entries, embedded reporting system with office suite integration.
    • Accounting and Billing: multi-currency and multi-company support, powerful accounting with tax calculations, company’s chart of accounts and cost centres, a wide range of financial reports, built-in tools for bank and payment reconciliation, payment vouchers.
    • Sales and CRM: reports for all company’s sales, quotations, support requests, newsletters, management and communication with both existing and potential customers.
    • Inventory management and Manufacturing: inventory warehouses, inventory valuations, managing the stock either batch wise or by Serial Numbers of items. Stock reconciliation and material transfer is available. Production Planning Tool helps to plan production and materials beforehand.
    • HR: leave and attendance management, expense claims submission, payroll, appraisals, etc.
    • Website and Shopping Cart: Users can generate a fully functional and styled website with their product catalogue and shopping cart read more …



Installation & Implementation ERPNext



We install and run the ERPNext program on a secure server on the web or on a local server at the client.


Technical Support


We provide technical support to the process of transition to ERPNext program and adapted to the requirements of the work, in addition to the process and monitor the status of the system and ensure the work properly, and the maintenance and installation of updates to the system.